Why are you such a bipolar, hypocritical hypochondriac? by Anonymous

Why do you care? :o

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I’m not dead. Just not allowed on the computer. Don’t worry guys. <3 I’m alive



In today’s world, a man wearing makeup dressed all in black singing “Hear my voice, remind you not to bleed, I’m here” is a satanist, while a woman wearing almost nothing and saying “you a stupid hoe” over and over again is a role model.

This. This this this.

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This is totally false, I saw the whole post about this she didn&#8217;t mean that, there was a post under that which said something like &#8220;support all marriages&#8221; or something like that idk.
me:   this song is so good i think i'll listen to it on repeat for a little while
  50 plays later
me:   ok maybe just one more listen
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me:   well